Typhoon Fanapi Hits China

Typhoon Fanapi made landfall in eastern China Monday morning, after ripping into Taiwan Sunday.

Authorities in southeastern Fujian province ordered fishermen to stay away from the coast.  Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated while many business closed Sunday in preparation for what the government says could be the strongest storm to hit China this year.

Fanapi, this year's 11th typhoon, is expected to weaken to a tropical storm by the time it reaches Guangdong province.

It made landfall in Taiwan Sunday, cutting off power to more than 300,000 homes and bringing commerce and travel on the island to a halt.  Scores of people were injured.  Schools and offices remained closed Monday.

Typhoons regularly hit China, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines in the second half of the year.  They gain strength from the warm waters of the Pacific or the South China Sea before making landfall, where they weaken rapidly.

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